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Create a play club

Play clubs are a great and interactive way to explore our plays. Play clubs provide a space for you and your friends to read excerpts of the play and act them out with each other.


The power of such performances lies not only in the courage of those who share their stories but also in the collective experience of the audience. These monologues can break down barriers, challenging stereotypes and stigmas surrounding mental health. Schools, in particular, can use these clubs as a means to educate, raising awareness about the importance of mental well-being and emotional expression

Play Performance

Donate to Transformative Plays

Help us help people! Your donations will support the translations of our plays into various languages, including braille and ASL. We provide our plays to underprivileged kids, families in need, schools, and community centers. Our outreach program is dedicated to going into communities and implementing our plays in literacy and mental health curriculum.


Your funds will provide Transformative Plays to people in need.

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