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About Us

Transformative Plays is a series of plays written by Carl Stillitano. Our mission is to provide our customers with thought provoking plays that help achieve mental health through one's ability to connect to the content. Our goal is to empower interactive entertainment through the healing stories and life lessons that each play offers. 

What We Do

Beyond just extending emotional support, our plays serve as invaluable tools for self-expression. By embodying the characters' transformative journeys, you not only receive emotional support but also engage in a profound exploration of your own emotions, discovering and amplifying your voice in the process. Our plays are more than just words on a page. They serve as powerful tools for acting out feelings and connecting with your inner voice. Through interactive storytelling, you'll find solace, inspiration, and a safe space to explore your emotions.

Our Mission

At Transformative Plays, we firmly believe in contributing to the community. When you choose to invest in one of our plays, a substantial 50% of the proceeds are earmarked for donation to a recipient of your choosing. Together, we can actively make a meaningful impact on someone else's life.

Transformative Plays Team

Carl Stillitano

Carl Stillitano is a playwright, director and producer originally from Mount Vernon, New York and resides in Malibu, California. Carl Stillitano has served as an artistic director and mentor to artists and youth, teaching self-actualization workshops for over 30 years. He was the artistic director for Seva Productions and One Heart theater companies in New York City. He is currently the Artistic director of Transformative Plays Theatre Company  at MALIBUGIVES, a 501c3 non-profit committed to the expansion and development of Art, Wellness, and Community in Malibu and beyond.
Carl Stillitano

Lenise Soren

Lenise Soren is the development producer of Transformative Plays. She is the creator and owner of Sorenity Rocks: Interactive Crystal Wellness Galleries that exhibit the largest crystals in the world in Malibu, Ojai, and Agoura Hills, California. As founder & chairwoman of MALIBUGIVES 501c3, she is an expert in her field of wellness entertainment, fusing her purpose and passion in the healing arts.
Lenise Soren
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