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Ways to stand on your feet. To grow in positive ways.

Updated: Mar 26

My name is Lenise Soren.

My mother was the first female firefighter in Maryland, and the third female firefighter in the United States. I was three years old, growing up in a fire house.

What did I learn from this?

I learned how to lead. Because Mom always led.

She was a real life superhero. My mother saved lives. Still does.

She showed me what hard work can do, the results it can bring.

Most of all, she showed me that life is a journey. You have to be true to yourself. To explore yourself. Be your own best advocate.

Mom has a work ethic. She has integrity. That’s what made me a fan of the plays that I now want to tell you about. Carl Stillitano has written a compendium of transformative plays. Twelve books covering eleven socially-relevant one-act plays that support mental health.

Each play is quick-paced, takes place in one setting, and involves two characters.

There’s a story for everyone in these plays. When you read them aloud, you embody the character. Do what the character does. You feel what the character feels, and transform the same way the character transforms.

Carl’s plays are the closest thing I know to what Mom taught me.

Ways to stand on your feet. To grow in positive ways. To learn your own strengths.

Isn’t that what we’re everyone’s looking for? Especially these days?

Carl’s work envisions a world where people support one another through the process of becoming their best selves.

To that end, he donates 50% of your purchase to the recipient of your choosing.

This is a case where what’s good yields more good.

Read a transformative play today, It will help you with your mental health.


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