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The Team & Tools to Succeed in Life

Updated: Mar 21

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When Emergencies Happen in Life, You Need the Right Team and You Need the Right Tools

My name is Lenise Soren.

I grew up with two parents who were phenomenally capable.

For instance, my mom was Maryland’s first female firefighter and only the third female firefighter in the United States. I have vivid memories of watching her spring into action, selfless, intent on helping others. Mom taught me early on that, when an emergency strikes, you need the right team and you need the right tools.

But later in life, I discovered that some emergencies aren’t so obvious.

For instance, grappling with issues related to mental health.

Or dealing with instances of sexism, racism, generational tensions, family tensions … the list goes on …

What’s the best team for dealing with stuff like this? I wondered.

And what are the best tools?

Then I found the Transformative Plays about mental health issues by playwright Carl Stillitano. Carl’s incredible collection of work is the key to a very big lock—in your soul. In your heart. These plays touch on every major issue that you and your family might be experiencing.

Can’t talk to your teen about sex? There’s a play for that.

Having trouble letting go of an old relationship? There’s a play for that.

Are you dealing with discrimination? Are people lying to you? Are you very unhappy? Again, the list goes on …

Reading Carl’s plays out loud with friends and family—your team—is one of the most transformative, therapeutic things I’ve ever experienced. Suddenly, everything that you’ve been dealing with in secrecy is right there, out in the open.

You can talk about it. Unpack it. The issue can’t hurt you so much anymore. And you can walk free. Are you or someone you love dealing with major life issues right now? Buy the Transformative Plays by Carl Stillitano.

It’s the one tool I recommend to everyone to increase mental health.


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