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How to Overcome Any Hurdle in Life

Updated: Mar 21

I only saw three movies when I was a kid. I still remember them: Cool Hand Luke, The Godfather, and Love Story. Movies didn’t impress me much. I wanted to be outside playing with my friends.

Later, I acted in a school production of “Hello Dolly”. Well, acting might be a charitable term. I was terrified to go out on stage. They practically had to drag me out there. Fast forward a number of years...

I’ve been a professional actor and acting coach. A screenwriter. A playwright. A director and a producer. How did this happen? Simple. I got over my fears. I took charge of my mental health, and I grew. So can you. How?

Read my collection of Transformative Plays about mental health challenges. The collection confronts every issue you’re facing right now. When you read these plays out loud with family and friends, it gives you permission to overcome all the hurdles in your life. Suddenly, that problem which could not be named is out in the open. Suddenly, your worst fears and shame are hilarious, things to be talked about. Once you discuss them, you can surpass them.

I’ve had a ton of adversity in my life, but I got past it. So can you.

Buy my Transformative Plays and read them aloud with your family and friends.

To keep sharing the love, I donate 50% of your purchase to a recipient of your choice.

My plays make sure that you and your loved ones never stop growing.


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