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The Coach You’ve Always Wanted is Living Inside You

Updated: May 11

The Coach You’ve Always Wanted is Living Inside You.

They Can Be Yours Right Now!

My name is Lenise Soren. All through high school, I was an athlete. That’s where I learned the value of coaches. As resources go, a good coach is far more precious than silver or gold.

I used to think coaches lived outside of us—and sometimes they do.

But now I also think that our best coaches live INSIDE of us.

They’re a part of us.

And we can speak to these coaches whenever we want, provided we have the right tools. One of the best tools I know of to access your inner coach is the Transformative Play collection written by playwright Carl Stillitano.

As a theater artist, Carl understands the ancient power of enacted drama.

His twelve-book collection presents a wide array of modern issues that everyone confronts. Racism. Sexism. Discrimination against “the Other.” Generational tensions. Family tensions.

When I first started reading Carl’s plays out loud with my family and friends, we just thought they were fun.

Soon, however, we realized they were an outlet for healing and growth.

By reading these plays out loud, all the skeletons popped from our closets.

All our elephants entered the room and sat down with popcorn to listen and laugh.

Suddenly, everything we were ashamed of, worried or angry about … got unmasked. Our fears received names. And when something is named, it can therefore be talked about.

And when we talk about something, it loses all power to harm us.

It is dispelled and we can keep going. We can keep growing.

If you’re looking for a good coach, I would say: look no further.

Buy the Transformative Plays of Carl Stillitano.

Read them aloud with family and friends. It might be the best thing you ever did for your mental health and personal growth.



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