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The Best Way to Talk About Eating Disorders, Sex, and the Awkwardness of Life with Your Teenagers

Updated: May 11

Do you have teenage kids? I do.

Do you have trouble talking to them about sensitive issues? Yup. Me too.

My name is Ed Pilot. I’m an attorney who lives in Southern California. My family life was more difficult, there were elephants in the room, so to speak …

Until I discovered the Transformative Plays by playwright Carl Stillitano. I consider Carl’s plays about Mental Health a great gift to the world. His collection of 11 plays and the Mental Health Monologues, presents situations that deal with practically every issue imaginable. Sexism. Racism. Eating Disorders. Family tensions. Generational tensions. The list goes on and on.

When you read Carl’s plays out loud with your family and friends, you’re giving everyone involved the permission to grow.

Suddenly, all these elephants in the room aren’t mysterious. They have names. Suddenly, the elephants aren’t nasty. They’re actually shy. You can approach them. Make friends. Imagine taking your worst fears, worries, and shames … The things that are holding you back from being the kind of person you long to be for your loved ones … And quickly surpassing them. Even laughing about them!

That’s what the Transformative Plays of Carl Stillitano can do for everyone who buys them and reads them. That’s why I recommend them. They worked for me. They can work for you, too. Do something about your mental health.

Buy Carl Stillitano's Transformative Plays and read them out loud with the people you love.



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