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Transformative Tales: From Stage Fright to Spotlight

Updated: May 11

As a child, I only caught glimpses of cinema, just three films: Cool Hand Luke, The Godfather, and Love Story. Yet, movies failed to captivate me; I craved the outdoors, the joy of playing with friends.

In my youth, I reluctantly took part in a school rendition of “Hello Dolly,” though my stage fright nearly held me back. Time marched on...

Now, I stand before you as a seasoned professional: an actor, an adept acting coach, a skilled screenwriter, playwright, director, and producer. How did this transformation occur? Through conquering my fears, nurturing my mental well-being, and embracing growth. And you can too.

Discover my anthology of Transformative Plays, each a poignant exploration of mental health trials. These plays serve as a catalyst for courageous conversations when shared aloud with your nearest and dearest. By shedding light on once hidden struggles, by transforming fear and shame into laughter, you can conquer them.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, I triumphed, and so can you.

Purchase my Transformative Plays and engage in their readings with your loved ones. And in the spirit of giving back, half of your purchase will be donated to a cause of your choosing.

With my plays as your guide, you and your loved ones will continue to evolve and thrive.

Visit to embark on this journey of growth and connection.



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