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Discovering the New Self: Journeying Through Transformative Plays

Updated: 4 days ago

Hello, I'm Raquel Jimenez-Cedillo, currently pursuing my studies at Pepperdine University.

Upon arriving in the Malibu area, I experienced an indescribable sensation—a pull, an attraction, as if my future self beckoned me forward, urging, "Here I am! Come and find me!"

Choosing to heed my intuition over my rational mind, I surrendered to the flow of life, embracing my instincts.

One fateful day, my journey led me to a serene crystal shop along the Pacific Coast Highway. The ambiance exuded tranquility and healing, instantly captivating me. It was there that I met Lenise, the owner, who graciously offered me employment.

Through Lenise and her network, I discovered the Transformative Plays crafted by playwright Carl Stillitano - a revolutionary voice in theater.

Carl fearlessly tackles taboo subjects that often remain unspoken, inflicting silent suffering upon us all - issues like eating disorders, sexuality, prejudice, and societal divisions.

His plays serve as potent catalysts for healing, shedding light on the wounds plaguing our collective well-being.

For anyone seeking to nurture their mental health, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in the Transformative Plays by Carl Stillitano.

Gather a few close friends, perhaps even acquaintances, and engage in the transformative experience of reading these plays aloud together. Open up discussions, share your thoughts, and witness the profound impact it can have.

Like a spiritual cleanse, Carl's plays offer a revitalizing journey for the soul, making them essential companions for personal growth.

Join me in embracing the remarkable power of Carl Stillitano's works and discover a new dimension of self.



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