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What if I gave you the perfect tool to help you navigate your crazy family life?

Updated: May 11

Turns out, I can.

My name is Ed Pilot.

I’m writing today to tell you about the excellent transformative plays written by my good friend, Carl Stillitano. Carl and I share the same background. We come from immigrant families.

We struggled a lot growing up. Had to fight for direction in life. But the leap Carl took was to write his experiences down, as different characters, different voices.

He knew that when people read these plays out loud, they embody the character.

Which gives them a license to feel what the character feels. Do what the character does. And in that way, set yourself free from whatever might be currently weighing you down.

By embodying each character’s transformative journey, you receive the emotional support of your peers. But, in the process, you also discover and amplify your own power to create a stable self.

As Carl likes to say, these plays are not just words on a page.

They’re doorways that lead to the real you.

The you that you’ve always wanted to be.

I agree. Because I’ve read them. I’ve been there. They help. They work.

Carl’s plays are the perfect catalyst for people in therapy, or young people developing themselves in school. Plus, thanks to Carl’s generosity, a full 50% of your purchase gets earmarked as a donation to the recipient of your choosing.

Together, we can make a positive, meaningful impact on the world.

I recommend Carl’s work without reservation. Buy a play and read it. Your mental health will be so much better.



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