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What If You Were in Therapy But Didn’t Believe in Therapy? Could That Change Your Life?

Updated: Mar 21

Is there a mental crisis here in the United States?

You’d better believe there is.

A recent Gallup poll that took place in February 2023 showed our worsening mental health crisis. Among surveyed adults, 17.85 % reported they have been or currently are being treated for Depression.

That’s a 7% increase from the same poll taken in 2015.

And that’s why the plays of Carl Stillitano are more needed—now more than ever.

Consider Carl’s play “Fly Eagles Fly.” It’s a simple two-hander. A therapist talks to a patient who doesn’t want to be there.

"This play is an instrument to help them understand that even if it's incomprehensible to you, whatever you're going through, whether it is the perspective of special needs parent or advocate, or a person who has a lot of feelings inside that they need to get out and express..."

He doesn’t even believe in therapy. But that’s the beauty of Carl’s work.

He knows that, by reading these plays out loud, among friends and family, we get to explore what the characters feel …

And therefore explore ourselves. To work through our barriers.

To find love, healing, and humor, as well as personal transformation.

Would you rather do that or play a board game some night? I’d go with the play.

Carl’s work is the perfect personal development tool for people in therapy, adolescents still finding themselves, or anyone looking to break free of old obstacles.

His twelve book collection offers eleven one-act plays for people of all types.

Best of all, Carl donates a full 50% of your purchase to the recipient of your choice.

This way, in the process of growing, you spread the love wide.

If you’ve ever imagined a fun, engaging tool for personal transformation you can share with your loved ones, this is it.


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