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Transformative Plays: Scripts for Mental Wellness and Self-Discovery

I never even heard the English language until I was five and a half years old.

Until then, I was speaking Italian. Talk about culture shock. I mean that literally, I was in shock.

So much so that I never spoke Italian again for another five years.

I put all my energy into learning English. Learning to communicate.

I didn’t want to be Italian anymore, I wanted to be an American.

So that’s what I did.

I made friends, took up sports, and got really good at baseball. But underneath all that, I was still yearning, always yearning to express my true self.

I guess that’s why I started writing plays about mental health.

See, I know how transformative it can be to embody a character.

The same way, once upon a time, I embodied what I thought an American was.

I guess you could say that I know the magic of ‘as if.’

As in: if I read this piece of text out loud ‘as if’ I’m the guy who’s talking about his emotions …

Well, then it’s ‘as if’ I’m that guy.

Which gives me the license to make my own emotional journey. And to transform.

These plays are not just words on a page.

They’re doorways that lead to the real you.

The you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Smart. Capable. Grounded. Open. Giving. And kind.

They’re the perfect catalyst for people in therapy or young people developing themselves in school.

And maybe the best part of all, each time you order my plays, you help others.

Not just by how you develop yourself.

A full 50% of your purchase gets earmarked for a donation to the recipient of your choosing.

Together, we can make a positive, meaningful impact on the world.
Buy these plays, read them out loud, and discover the mental health support of the Transformative Plays.

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