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The Donut Shop Play Reading | This Play is useful for eating disorders

Updated: May 11

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The next monologue that I'll be reading is from the Donut Shop, and it's called Being Female. You think it's easy being a female today? Manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, getting our eyebrows plugged, waking up an hour earlier so we can straighten our hair. And don't even get me started on feeling guilty for not going to the gym. And to what end?

Try trusting a man with your feelings because the minute you do, they turn into overgrown adolescents. When you meet them, they act like they have it together and that they really care about you. But the second their egos get satisfied, the second things get real, they start pulling away.

And it's not like you don't know right from the start if we're the one for you. But does that matter? No, because you like to be distracted, so you'll keep us around as long as you're in control that is. Go ahead try to deny it. You can't, can you? But the absolute worst part is that it's not like that for us. Once we commit, we commit heart and soul.

So I really like this one because it really highlights what women go through for the sake of love or for the sake of appealing to the male eye, to the male gaze. And it's really frustrating because I know in my personal opinion, I will wake up two hours earlier, not just one. I'll wake up two hours earlier and I'll make sure to do my makeup the exact way that I think someone's going to like it.

Or I'll dress a certain way hoping that they look at me a little longer that day, or they make eye contact with me for a little bit longer. And it's so frustrating because I know that... And even though I'm committing my entire heart and soul, my entire day to someone, they don't commit to me at all.

And I think that this play just really highlight... or not this play, but this monologue just really highlights what women go through to try and appeal to men, which can be really difficult and really frustrating.

So if you're a young woman struggling with being a young woman, I definitely recommend reading Mental Health Monologues because there's plenty of great stuff in here that can relate to your experience and make you feel heard, and make you feel supported.



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