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Transformative Plays provides easy to read stories that support mental health

Offering a collection of 11 plays and the Mental Health Monologues written by Carl Stillitano. 

About Transformative Plays

Transformative Plays empowers a new approach to Mental Health Support.


Each play dives into socially-relevant subject matters ( such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders) that offer unique perspectives, interactive learning and life lessons.

Mental Health Monologues is a collection of monologues from each of Stillitano's plays, creating an interactive learning workbook (to be read out loud) offering a sampling of all 11 Transformative Plays including bonus monologues from First Generation (the writers memoirs not yet released.)

Transformative Plays is a Literacy & Fundraising movement. 50% of every play purchased is donated to the recipients of your choice.

Improve Your Mental Health

Mental Health Support that’s Expressive, Fun, and Transformative! Read on your own or with family and friends

Mental Health Monologues - Digital

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