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What If Somebody Gave You the Ultimate Owner’s Manual to the Human Condition?

Updated: Mar 21

Would you take the time to read it?

Would you follow all the instructions it gives?

What if this manual could help you through every problem you’re facing right now … or ever will face?

This manual exists.

It’s called the Transformative Plays collection by playwright Carl Stillitano.

In particular, you might want to pay attention to Carl’s brilliant book called Mental Health Monologues.

Imagine that, each time you have a problem, you grab this book and turn to its table of contents.

Hmmm, you might think. I’m feeling upset right now … I suffer from an anxiety disorder … (So 374 million other people worldwide. The number increased due to COVID.)

But fear not.

Carl wrote a monologue for that.

You read this piece out loud, it gives you insight. Gives you strength. You see right away: you’re not alone.

It helps even more if you read it with friends … or even strangers.

Carl’s collection of Transformative Plays are a fun, interactive, effective way to expand your mind while increasing your emotional IQ.

It’s one of the simplest, most cost-effective tools for acting out your feelings and connecting them to your authentic voice.

Why spend years attempting to release inner pain and work through trauma when you can make stunning leaps and bounds just by reading aloud?

Carl’s work is particularly helpful for pre-teens and teens who are weathering all sorts of pain as they grow. That pain gets worse when you lock inside.

Don’t do that.

Increase your lived experience and that of your loved ones in a way that’s natural, fun, effective, and lasting.

Buy the Transformative Plays by Carl Stillitano at

Do it for yourself or do it for someone you love.

You won’t regret it.


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