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Mental Health and Personal Growth Don’t Have to Be Done on Your Own, They Can Be Team Sports.

Updated: May 11

My name is Lenise Soren

When I grew up, I was into athletics. I mean really into athletics. I swam competitively and played basketball. At age eight, I began teaching younger kids, most of them five years old, to play basketball, too.

Here’s what I learned from that experience.

Life sometimes feels like you’re all on your own but you’re not.

Because life is a team sport.

Learning and growing, finding new sides of yourself, shaking free of things holding you back …

That’s best done with help.

Yes, I mean therapist. Sure. But I also mean family and friends.

And that’s why I’m helping promote what I consider one of the most important tools in personal growth: The plays about mental health by Carl Stillitano.

Carl writes what he calls “transformative plays.” His masterpiece set contains twelve books boasting eleven one-act plays set in one simple space with two characters.

You don’t have to be an amateur or professional actor to read these plays.

Just get together with friends and family and read them out loud.

Each play contains socially-relevant subject matters ( such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders) that anyone can understand.

By reading the play out loud, you give yourself permission to do what the characters do, feel what they feel.

It changes your life. I know. I’ve tried them. They work.

Carl’s plays are the perfect gift for people in therapy, kids who are finding themselves, or anyone interested in personal growth.

Buy the plays, read them out loud, and discover the mental health support they provide.



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