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What if I told you it could change your life?

What would it be like if every challenge you face in your life … every hurt, every victory, every defeat, every shame, and every celebration has already been mapped out for you?

Now you no longer need to stumble along, blind in the dark of your own existence. There’s a source of light that can guide you.

Someone has gone ahead and puts words in your mouth.

When you speak these words aloud, you gain increased awareness, understanding, insights, and “ah-ha!” moments.

The doors in your mind that have long stood shut swing suddenly open … and you are released.

What if I also told you that you can do this exercise alone or with other people.

Friends, complete strangers … doesn’t matter.

The technology I’m talking about works in any event. In all cases.

That technology is called “story.”

It’s the oldest form of knowledge transference that humans have ever developed.

Cave people used it. Our ancestors used it. And now you can too, to facilitate your mental health, grow your consciousness, and heal.

Whatever challenges you’re facing right now, whatever you’re currently suffering from, the Transformative Plays by Carl Stillitano will quickly help you get through them.

You’re not alone. Please never believe that you are.

You are part of the world and the world is in you.

It’s time to release it and be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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