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A Father's Son

Digital Copy $10 | Hard Copy $20

A Father's Son is a humorous and profound play that explores the depth of raw emotions within a family dealing with addiction and acceptance. Steven, a sex addict, is crashing with his father, Freddie, a life-long gambler in a one bedroom apartment on the Upper East side of Manhattan. When Steven's brother, Matt, comes to save the day, years of unsaid things are said about being the sons of their father. When things take a turn for the worst, the boys are confronted with acceptance of who their father is and how they're willing to care for him. This play emphasizes hope beyond the pain of addiction and abandonment.

Helpful if you are struggling with:
* Abandonment
* Addiction
* Anxiety
* Codependent relationships
* Depression
* Disappointment
* Father issues
* Gambling

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