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Mental Health Monologues

By Playwright Carl Stillitano
average rating is 5 out of 5
Digital Copy $5 | Hard Copy $20

These Monologues are sourced from original contemporary theatrical plays, which explore tough and sometimes taboo subject matter, in a safe and healthy format for ages ranging from teen to adult.

Mental Health Monologues is a compilation of Monologues from 11 Transformative Plays that are easy-to-read and support Mental Health, written by playwright Carl Stillitano.

By reading and performing the monologues which speak to you most, gaining valuable insights, perspectives and healing, in a fun and dynamic way, that is different from other methods. As we read and speak the characters words aloud the process can be a therapeutic and beneficial activity, which presents multiple benefits and rewards, such as:

  • Increased Self Confidence

  • Transforming and honing performance skills no matter your level

  • A tool for emboldening public speaking and overcoming stage-fright

  • More deeply understanding life and enhancing interpersonal relationships

  • A fun Interactive way to Expand your Mind, Increase Compassion & Raise Emotional Intelligence.

  • Supportive Tools for Acting Out Feelings & Connecting to your Voice

  • Releases Pain

  • Re-patterns Trauma

  • Empowers Independence

The monologues present a non-confronting way to learn lessons of life through the characters' experience. Verbalizing and personalizing them can create healing, by saying things aloud, rather than keeping things inside and holding back by being quiet or silent. The monologues present a safe and healthy environment to explore your fears and amplify your innate abilities of self-expression no matter your background or origins.

How to utilize Mental Health Monologues:

  • Read On Your Own & Read Out Loud

  • Act Out Monologues with Friends & Family

  • Useful for Mental Health Awareness

  • Group Therapy

  • Suicide Prevention

  • School Curriculums

  • Addiction & Rehabilitation Centers

  • Great for Date Nights

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Reading plays that explore mental health challenges can offer numerous key benefits

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Increased Awareness and Understanding: These plays provide insight into  mental health issues, helping readers gain a deeper understanding of various conditions such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.

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Spark Conversations: Can spark conversations about mental health among readers, whether it's discussing the themes, sharing personal experiences, or raising awareness about available resources for support and treatment.

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Destigmatization: Plays that address mental health challenges contribute to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness. These plays show that mental health issues deserve understanding rather than judgment.

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Artistic Expression and Catharsis: Engaging with the emotional depth and complexity of these plays can provide a cathartic experience for readers, allowing them to explore their own feelings and experiences.

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"This monologue just really highlights what women go through to try and appeal to men, which can be really difficult and really frustrating.  So if you're a young woman struggling with being a young woman, I definitely recommend reading Mental Health Monologues because there's plenty of great stuff in here that can relate to your experience and make you feel heard, and make you feel supported."

The Author

Carl Stillitano

Carl Stillitano is a writer, playwright, director, and producer originally from Mount Vernon, New York. With over three decades of experience, he has served as an artistic director for Seva Productions and One Heart theater companies in NYC, while also mentoring artists and youth through self-actualization workshops.

Personal Motovations

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Together we can make a difference

Every purchase made we give 50% to the Charity of your choice. Help share the love and ensure mental health support is available to everyone.

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