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An Act of Kindness in the Bu

By Playwright Carl Stillitano
average rating is 5 out of 5
Digital Copy $10 | Hard Copy $20

Reading this play can have several mental health benefits, including increased empathy, emotional catharsis, reflection and self-discovery, inspiration for personal growth, and escapism and entertainment.   

The characters in the play have complex backgrounds and experiences, which can help readers develop a deeper understanding and empathy for others. The play also explores deep emotions and personal struggles, allowing readers to connect with and process their own emotions.   

The conversations between the characters prompt introspection and self-reflection, encouraging readers to examine their own beliefs, values, and experiences.   

Additionally, the play touches on themes of forgiveness, resilience, and personal growth, providing readers with inspiration and motivation to overcome challenges and strive for personal development. Finally, reading the play can provide a temporary escape from everyday life and offer a form of entertainment and enjoyment.

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Reading plays that explore mental health challenges can offer numerous key benefits

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Increased Awareness and Understanding: These plays provide insight into  mental health issues, helping readers gain a deeper understanding of various conditions such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.

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Spark Conversations: Can spark conversations about mental health among readers, whether it's discussing the themes, sharing personal experiences, or raising awareness about available resources for support and treatment.

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Destigmatization: Plays that address mental health challenges contribute to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness. These plays show that mental health issues deserve understanding rather than judgment.

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Artistic Expression and Catharsis: Engaging with the emotional depth and complexity of these plays can provide a cathartic experience for readers, allowing them to explore their own feelings and experiences.

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"It is so profoundly important that everything we do, everything we absorb has a healing effect, especially in today’s climate as the world changes at a frenetic speed. “Act Of Kindness” was such a refreshing read with life lessons woven into the fabric of the play. It reminded me of the bedtime stories that I would improvise for my daughter, intentionally creating hidden gems that hopefully taught her life lessons that would nourish her subconscious. Even at 28 years old, she still remembers them. Hey, that was my intention. I hope these plays become an indelible part of every reading list for kids and young adults. What a gift of healing that would be.”

- Kudisan Kai, Recording Artist & Backing Vocalist

The Author

Carl Stillitano

Carl Stillitano is a writer, playwright, director, and producer originally from Mount Vernon, New York. With over three decades of experience, he has served as an artistic director for Seva Productions and One Heart theater companies in NYC, while also mentoring artists and youth through self-actualization workshops.

Personal Motovations

The desire to address racism in my writing always lingered within me, yet as someone not directly impacted by it, I grappled with feelings of inadequacy. However, with the emergence of the George Floyd video, the urgency to confront this issue became undeniable. It seemed as though the words flowed effortlessly onto the page, and within six weeks, the narrative unfolded almost organically. This pivotal moment propelled me to overcome my reservations and delve into a topic that demanded to be addressed.

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Together we can make a difference

Every purchase made we give 50% to the Charity of your choice. Help share the love and ensure mental health support is available to everyone.

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